About Noa Tanua

Who are we?

Noa Tanua (English: ׳and yet it moves׳) is a non-profit cooperative association, which has been operating bus routes on Saturdays since 2015. Our buses pass through many towns, reach the coast, cinemas, Sarona Market and more.


The founder and chairman of Noa Tanua, Roy Schwartz Tichon (25), used his military discharge grant and his savings to establish the association. Originally from Haifa, he was used to public transport every day of the week. When he moved to Tel Aviv, he decided to launch a single bus route and the demand for additional routes increased week after week.
Together with two volunteers, his management partners - Noam Tel-Vered (26) and Lior Tavori (33) - he developed permanent bus routes which enable thousands of people to choose how to spend their Saturdays.

How to ride with us?
  • Click on the following link to register with Noa Tanua: Sign-up

  • Download the HopOn app to your Smartphone and enter your credit card details.

  • Wait at one of the bus stops on the route, board the bus and use the HopOn app to pay.

Noa Tanua volunteers. Photography: Roni Rachmani

Photography: Tomer Refaeli

Our goal

To close down the moment that the state offers public transport on Saturdays.

Our funding

We are a non-profit organization. The initial funding came from a non-interest-bearing loan and a donation from Roy Schwartz Tichon, the chairman and founder of Noa Tanua. Thereafter, the sources of financing have included a donation from Lior Tavori, a member of the management team, crowd funding, and donations from Natan and the Nathan Cummings Foundation.

The objective of Noa Tanua is to be self-sustaining, with every activity supporting itself; however, in order to achieve this, we need initial financing for all the new activities.

We invite you to travel with us, starting this Saturday!

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